This website is dedicated to steamboat Sabino and her great history.

Steamboat Sabino
Over 100 Years of history

Built in 1908 at the Adams Shipyard in East Boothbay, Maine, as Tourist, the steamboat, first saw use on the Damariscotta River, carrying passengers and freight between small villages along its shores. This small, shallow draft vessel was ideally suited to Maine's often shoal conditions as her subsequent service on the Kennebec River and Casco Bay over a 50-year working life proved. Sabino was removed from service and laid up in 1958. Eventually she was donated to Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut, and carefully restored to active use in a meticulously documented five-year restoration program. She is the only extant, operating example of the little steamers which once serviced Maine's coastal communities and retains her original steam plant.

Special thanks to Captain Richard Lotz, who gave me a chance to be at the wheel of the Sabino a few time. From that grew my interest for the Sabino and its history. I also want to thanks Geoge King III for allowing me to use content from is book, A Steamboat Named Sabino and to Paul Legere for allowing me to use some of is pictures. A special thanks also goes to Mystic Seaport Museum for all the work they are doing to preserve history and making it possible for future generation to ride the Sabino.

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